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SharpWebMail development ASP.NET webmail application written in C#
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Building latest development version

If you want to see the changes since the last release, you can check SharpWebMail's change log.

If you want to build from source the latest development version, first you need to download the source code:

Once you have the source you need the latest distributions of SharpMimeTools, Log4Net, FCKEditor V2, DotNetOpenMail and OpenSmtp.

Copy the editor folder from FCKeditor distribution into SharpWebMail\\fcke folder. _source and filemanager subfolders aren't needed so you can delete them.

Windows only instructions:

  • Copy SharpMimeTools.dll into sharpwebmail\bin\net folder (if it doesn't exist create it)
  • Copy log4net.dll into sharpwebmail\bin\net
  • Copy FredCK.FCKeditorV2.dll into sharpwebmail\bin\net
  • Copy DotNetOpenMail.dll into sharpwebmail\bin\net
  • Copy OpenSmtp.dll into sharpwebmail\bin\net
  • Then open sharpwebmail\SharpWebMail.sln combine file with SharpDevelop 2.x
  • Build the project.

Linux only instructions (Mono):

  • Create mono folder.
  • Copy SharpMimeTools.dll, log4net.dll, FredCK.FCKeditorV2.dll, DotNetOpenMail.dll and OpenSmtp.dll into mono/
  • Tweak sharpwebmail/Makefile to suit your needs.
  • Execute 'make' inside sharpwebmail folder.

In SharpWebMail/ folder are the new built files.

Nightly builds

The last SVN code is automatically build everyday at 0:00 UTC. If there has been SVN activity, you'll be able to download them from 'SharpWebMail daily builds'.

Contributions: Patches, bugfixes, translations, suggestions, etc.

In order to report a bug, please go to SourceForge's bug tracker.

There is much work to be done in SharpWebMail and all sorts of contribution are welcome. The main development areas now are:

  • XHTML interface.
  • Full IMAP support.
  • More translations.
  • Provide and easy framework to extend/change functionality.
  • Intensively test everything.

Those are the areas where I'll focus my development cycles. If you want to help in those or other things more important for your environment, you are welcome to contribute to the project.

If you want to contribute a new translation click here for detailed instructions.

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