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SharpMimeTools Open Source MIME parser written in C#
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  SharpMimeTools is under the terms of the GNU LGPL v2.1 or later.
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SharpMimeTools is an open source MIME parser/decoder assembly that is written in C#.

There are two main ways of handling messages with SharpMimeToools, a higher level one that takes case of everything for you (SharpMessage); with just a few parameters to the constructor you get all the hard work done. And a low level api (SharpMimeMessage and the other SharpMime* classes) where you can decide how to handle nested mime parts, mime-types to decode, encodings to use, ...

Currently it fully works under:

  • Mono 1.0
  • Mono 1.1
  • Microsoft .NET framework 1.1
  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0



Latest News

Wednesday July 05th 2006

Reached 0.6 milestone. So here is a new beta (0.6b). This release is a big step forward as it adds some long-waited cool features (rfc2392, uuencode, tnef), usability improvements and performance gains.

* Some of those new cool features have been possible thanks to an anonymous sponsor ... thanks Boris! for your support :)

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Thursday April 13th 2006

The development repository has been migrated to Subversion, so the old CVS one has been deprecated. This means that you have to checkout from the new repository, and that you won't suffer anymore from the old CVS delay between developer/anonymous servers.

There are new project and solution files for MonoDevelop and SharpDevelop 2.x commited to svn trunk. The latter use the same format as VS 2005, so they should work also there.

Development instructions have been updated to reflect the changes.

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Saturday October 29th 2005

Reached 0.5 milestone. So here is a new beta (0.5b). It's a bugfix release.

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Wednesday October 19th 2005

Reached 0.4 milestone. So here is a new beta (0.4b). It has new features and fixes.

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Sunday September 25th 2005

Reached 0.3 milestone. So here is a new beta (0.3b). It has new features, some improvements and fixes.

  • SharpMessage now allows better control of the content that will be parsed through new constructors.
  • Give simpler access to headers through the SharpMimeHeader.GetHeaderField and SharpMessage.GetHeaderField methods.
  • Added a Makefile to ease building in linux.
  • Added support to files in UNIX format.
  • Improved buffering in some points and use lazy allocation of resources in others. This gives a significant performance boost compared to 0.2b.
  • EncodingDefault makes possible to override the encoding used when there is no charset parameter in the Content-Type header field.
  • Improved date parsing.
  • And a few bugfixes.
  • Read changelog for full details.

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Saturday July 16th 2005

Reached 0.2 milestone. This is the first standalone release of SharpMimeTools (it was previously released as part of SharpWebMail). It has new features, some improvements and fixes.

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Mailing Lists

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SharpMimeTools is currently in beta stage. There are many things in the todo list before it can be considered complete, and it needs intensive testing in order to consider it stable. I started the project long time ago, but as I develop it in my spare time it has not progressed as fast as I wanted.

If you have bugs, suggestions, patches, or just want to say 'hey! it works' feel free to send me a note or use the appropriate section at SourceForge project site.

-- Angel Marin

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