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rrdNetStats v 1.0.3 Win32 Network statistics graphing tool
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  Readme file included with the distribution.
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  rrdNetStats is under GNU GPL v2 or later.
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CTNrrdNetStats is a win32 command line utility that retrieves network interface statistics and feeds then into a Round Robin Database using RRDtool library. It also generates graphics similar to the MRTG native graphs.

It works as a replacement to MRTG in one particular situation, in case you want to gather traffic statistics from a windows (NT/2000/XP) machine locally without installing perl and the snmp daemon. The graphics generation step can be done on the same or in any other machine.

CTNrrdNetStats is self contained so you don't need any other software or service installed on your computer to gather the network traffic statistics or to generate the graphic files.

If you want to compile the tool you also need to download and install the source code version of RRDtool, and the VC .NET project files from the win32 binary distribution if you want it to build :)

Latest News

Wednesday May 19th 2004

Long time since last release, but here is a new one: released version 1.0.3.It is fully compatible with prior version, so the only action needed to update to version 1.0.3 is replacing the executable. Most important changes:

  • Better handling of command line options (using gengetopt).
  • Linked against rrdtool 1.0.48 library so its executable is no longer needed.
  • Project files ported to Visual Studio .NET 2003

Enjoy it.

-- Angel Marin

Sunday October 27th 2002

Released first working and public release 1.0.2

-- Angel Marin


Although rrdNetStats is stable as is, the next step should be to port it to non-windows opetating systems.

If you have bugs, suggestions, patches, or just want to say 'hey! it works' feel free to send me a note.

-- Angel Marin

Copyright © 2002 - 2004 Angel Marin All rights reserved.
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