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Public Static Methods

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parseCharSet Parses a Encoding from a charset name
parseDate Parse a rfc 2822 date and time specification. rfc 2822 section 3.3
parseFromOverloaded. Parse a rfc 2822 address specification. rfc 2822 section 3.4
parseHeaderFieldBody Parse a rfc 2822 header field with parameters
parserfc2047Header Parse and decode rfc 2047 header body
QuotedPrintable2UnicodeOverloaded. Decode rfc 2047 definition of quoted-printable
ReferenceEquals (inherited from Object)Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance.
rfc2047decode rfc 2047 header body decoding
Rfc2392Url Encodes a Message-ID or Content-ID following RFC 2392 rules.
uncommentString Remove rfc 2822 comments
UuDecode Decodes the provided uuencoded string.
UuDecodeLine Decodes the provided uuencoded line.

Public Instance Constructors

SharpMimeTools Constructor Initializes a new instance of the SharpMimeTools class.

Public Instance Methods

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