SharpMimeTools Documented Class Library

SharpMessage Constructor (Stream, MimeTopLevelMediaType, Boolean, String, String)

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Initializes a new instance of the SharpMessage class based on the supplied Stream.

public SharpMessage(
   Stream message,
   MimeTopLevelMediaType types,
   bool html,
   string path,
   string preferredtextsubtype


Stream that contains the message content
A MimeTopLevelMediaType value that specifies the allowed Mime-Types to being decoded.
true to allow HTML content; false to ignore the html content.
A String specifying the path on which to save the attachments found.
A String specifying the subtype to select for text parts that contain aternative content (plain, html, ...). Specify the null reference to maintain the default behavior (prefer whatever the originator sent as the preferred part). If there is not a text part with this subtype, the default one is used.

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