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CTNHashProc v 1.2.2 CTN Hashing Extended Stored Procedure for MS SQLServer 2000
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  CTNHashProc is under GNU GPL v2 or later.
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CTNHashProc is a MS SQLServer 2000 Extended Stored Procedure that returns the hash of a given string. Hash is returned on hexadecimal.

Currently the supported hash functions are linked from Crypto++ and are the following:

@type HASH
2 SHA2 (SHA-256)
3 SHA2 (SHA-384)
4 SHA2 (SHA-512)
11 MD5
20 RIPEMD-160
25 Tiger

Any other hash function supported by the library Crypto++ Version 5.1 may be added easy to CTNHashProc. An unsupported hash function can also be added but you need a C++ implementation of the function or a library that supports it.

Latest News

Tuesday Jan 13th 2004

Released version 1.2.2. Now rewritten without using the old functions from ODS API. Fixed a memory leak that caused a crash. Built with VS.NET

-- Angel Marin

Monday May 05th 2003

Released version 1.2.1. Linked against Crypto++ 5.1.

-- Angel Marin

Friday February 14th 2003

Released version 1.2.0. The hash is now returned in lowercase hex. Added Spanish doc. Minor doc changes.

-- Angel Marin

Thursday October 10th 2002

Released version 1.1.0. Linked against Crypto++ 5.0 and some changed some code as version 5.0 of Crypto++ changes some interfaces.

-- Angel Marin

Wednesday September 25th 2002

Released first working and public release 1.0.0

-- Angel Marin

Mailing Lists

CTNHashProc-announce project release announcements


If you need some feature that may be widely useful or you find a bug send me a note. Feedback and comments are also appreciated.

-- Angel Marin

Copyright © 2002 - 2004 Angel Marin All rights reserved.
Last Updated 12/29/04