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monocharge-win32 Daily builds of the latest HEAD source of mono under windows

» Latest build log
  Log file of the latest build attempt.
» Latest README file
  README file included in the packages.
» Latest recharge.cmd file
  cmd file included in the packages used to do the recharge.

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Monocharge - Precompiled libraries and executables for all of Mono's C# components.


This page contains binary packages with my daily builds of the latest mono development source done under windows.

If you want to hack with the source then you should better go here where you can find all the information needed to successfully build mono under windows.

Each package contains at least the C# libraries and compiler for the 1.1 profile. A full package also contains the runtime, the libraries and compiler for the 2.0 profile and xsp.

The components included in each package will vary depending on what was compilable at the point it was checked out from the svn repository.

You can review the contents of each zip file by clicking in the list content link available for each package. You can also find there the revision number used to build each of the components, for each one there should be a file named svn_trunk_<component>_r<number> in the package.


  • You must have installed the latest 1.1.x version of mono using the combined installer for windows. Click here.


  • Download the latest package that contains all the elements that you want to recharge.
  • Unzip it and follow the instructions available in the included README file.

Build platform: Windows 2003 Server standard SP1 (x86).

The packages are intended for those that want to test the latest developments of mono under windows without waiting to the next release and without having to mangle with a cygwin installation. It is also useful to test whether a bug has been fixed since the last official release before filling a new bug report.

Available packages
Note: Please be gentle when downloading as there is not too much available bandwidth here (it's a home dsl link).
Note 2: If someone with more bandwidth wants to mirror this, please feel free to contact me.

Latest build attempt:


These binary packages are built from mono's bleeding edge source code, so although they have built successfully they may or may not work. So make sure you have the necessary files in order to restore your mono installation to the previous state before the recharge.

These packages work for me, so don't blame me if they break your mono installation :)

Anyway suggestions are welcome ;).

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